Bic Hoang

GST Number? Yes
Main: 604 254 1602
Address:Vancouver, British Columbia
Instruments: "world instruments", Asian/Indian, đàn bầu (dan bau)(Vietnamese monochord zither), Vietnamese Instruments (K'ni, K'longput, T'rung), vocalist (vocals, singer, voice), xylophone

Hoang, Bic
is multi-instrumentalist. She specializes on the dan bau and a number of very rare instruments from Vietnam including the t’rung (bamboo xylophone), k’longput (percussion tubles), and ko ni.
Bic has toured internationally both as a solo artist and with the Khac Chi Bamboo Music.


She has been expanding her musical repertoire by performing with a number of World Music and New Music artists, performing works by Canadian contemporary composers.

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