Board and Staff

The VMA team:

Many of you may have noticed some new voices and faces in the office along side existing ones.

Wayne –

Wayne is our new Comptroller. He is a CPA, CGA legacy (ON) and extremely experienced, having previous worked with the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, PSAC, and District of West Vancouver (Arts & Culture). Wayne will be handling all financial, HR, IT, and operations matters. Feel free to make an appointment if you have any questions.


Susan has been at the VMA for three years and is the first point of contact for all contracts and payments. Members with contracts and/or payments are welcome to drop them off anytime during office hours. If you need help with a P2 application or want Susan to have a look at it before you send it out, please make an appointment.

Sydney –

Sydney is processing contracts. We are working with a few new systems to streamline this process for you and make the contract filing as easy as possible. If you have questions for Sydney please make an appointment to go over them with her whether in person or over the phone. Sydney does not have drop in hours.

Eddie –

Eddie is our data input guru, who has spent the last few weeks building profiles on In-tune so that we can email out statements and newsletters directly to you.

Emily and Danelle –

Our new Membership Coordinators will be handling member services questions and information and are part of the contract workflow in the office. We thank you for your patience as they go through the training process. There are several nuances with VMA and AFM guidelines. They have drop in hours for questions or concerns – these hours on listed on the home page. If you want to see them outside these hours please make an appointment.


The VMA is currently in the process of selecting a new secretary. An announcement will be made once a decision has been reached.