Paying Dues Online

 The VMA accepts two methods of payment.

1-   For Visa, MasterCard and Visa Debit.  CLICK HERE

NOTE:  if you do not enter an email address on the payment form, your payment may not be applied to your member account until the end of the month. This is due to a technical restriction of our payment system. Until there is a solution, please make sure you enter an email address on the payment form.

2- We accept Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT or e-Transfer) by sending your payment to For the security question we recommend using some information we would have on file such as the street you live on, the city you live in, your postal code, your primary instrument, etc. You can also send a separate email to let us know the answer to the security question. Never send the answer in the same email with the payment. 


Account balances for individual members are not available on the website. Email for more information.

Annual membership is due in January. Our quarters are calculated on the calendar year: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st. As per our by-laws, members who are 45 days in arrears are charged a late fee and suspended from membership until their dues are paid in full. Members who are in arrears for two consecutive quarters (6 months) from membership in both the VMA and the AFM.

All amounts are in Canadian Dollars. If you use a credit card of a different currency, there may be foreign exchange surcharges levied by your credit card company.

Credit Card Transaction Receipts will be issued by email after payment. Official VMA receipts will be mailed along with your membership card. Those not requiring membership cards will have their official receipt emailed to them, unless they request otherwise.

For assistance with payments, please contact the VMA office.

P-2 work visa application processing Fees cannot be processed by credit card. For more info, please see the P-2 Information Page.

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No refunds are offered. 

Any credit card information entered into the Beanstream card processing computer will be used only by the Vancouver Musicians’ Association and Beanstream to process and keep record of your purchase. It will not be shared with a third party.